Best Bull Bar for D-MAX

Best Bull Bar for D-MAX

If you’re looking to take your Isuzu D-Max for some off-roading, you need to make sure it’s protected against potential hazards of the Australian bush. One of the best ways to prevent front-end damage from wayward wildlife and airborne debris is with a high-quality, sturdy bull bar.

If you want to know the best bull bar for D-MAX, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the best Isuzu D-MAX bull bars for sale and how to find a 4x4 bull bar that will meet all your off-roading needs.

How to Find the Best Bull Bar for Isuzu D-Max

Bull bars aren’t just for show. They also shield your front bumper, radiator, and cooling system. Bull bars are an essential aftermarket 4x4 accessory that provides your D-MAX with an additional layer of defence. You should consider equipping your D-MAX with a bull bar for many other reasons.

If you’re looking for bull bars for D-MAX vehicles, here are a few factors you should take into consideration:

  • Compatibility
  • Brand
  • Material
  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Style
  • Budget

In terms of compatibility, you need to find a bull bar that fits your 4x4 gear system, cabin and body type, the grade of your vehicle, and the transmission. You should move onto specifics afterwards, like the bull bar’s style, coating, and colour.

The material you choose will directly impact the bull bar’s level of protection, which also dictates its price. Steel bull bars are more expensive but offer the best durability and front-end protection.

Our top five brands that offer Isuzu D-MAX bull bars for sale include:

  1. Jungle 4x4
  2. Ironman 4x4
  3. ARB
  4. AFN
  5. Dobinsons

Jungle 4x4

Jungle 4x4 offers bull bars for Isuzu D-MAX 2016+ and 2020+ models. So, if you’re looking for a bull bar for D-MAX 2022 or 2021 models, the Deluxe Jungle 4x4 Bull Bar is for you.

It’s a loopless sports bar that is reinforced with 63.5 tubing. Since this bull bar is made to replace your bumper, you won’t be required to modify your vehicle. It even comes with pre-drilled holes designed for driving lights. This bull bar is compatible with airbags, parking sensors, and Isuzu Safety Radars.

The Deluxe Jungle 4x4 Bull Bar made for Isuzu DMAX 2016 vehicles is no less impressive. Drivers can choose between full-loop deluxe bars and loopless sports bars. They come with integrated fog lamps and indicators, and they are winch-compatible. They’re also ADR-approved.

Jungle 4x4 bull bars for D-MAX vehicles are manufactured to provide your ute with maximum protection. They are designed and thoroughly tested in Australia. Thanks to their powder-coated finish, they also give your D-MAX a whole new look.

Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4x4 produces bull bars that suit Isuzu D-MAX 2019+ vehicles. Manufactured from SPHC oil and pickled steel, Ironman 4x4 bull bars are designed for safety and function. They come in three options:

  • Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar for maximum protection
  • Raid Bull Bar for a sleek and stylish look
  • Proguard Bull Bar for practicality and customisation options

The Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar has a triple A-frame that combines strength and a rugged appearance. It comes with fog lights, DRL, indicators, and driving light mounts. With a tube diameter of 50mm, this bull bar prepares your Isuzu D-MAX for on- and off-road conditions.

The Raid Bull Bar gives your Isuzu D-MAX a sharp, sleek look. It’s boosted with 16mm steel recovery points, which come with non-abrasive edges and a winch cradle mounted directly to the chassis.

You can order the Proguard Bull Bar with or without loops and accessory mounting options. Unlike the other two bull bars, this model has a minimalistic appearance.

All three Ironman 4x4 bull bars are compatible with a 12,000lb winch, the SRS airbag system, and other vehicle safety features. These top-quality bull bars also have provisions for driving lights and high jacking points. Once installed, Ironman 4x4 bull bars follow the contour of your vehicle, integrating with the grill, bash plate, and driving lights.


ARB 4x4 Accessories produces 11 types of bull bars. If you’re looking for a bull bar for Isuzu D-MAX 2021, you can choose from the following four options:

ARB Bull Bars

Isuzu D-MAX Compatibility

Summit Bull Bars

Isuzu D-MAX 2021 4×2 High Rider

Isuzu D-MAX 4x4 SX, LS-M, and LS-U

Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain models

Summit Sahara Bull Bars

Isuzu D-MAX 4WD and 2WD High Rider 2020+ models

Commercial Bull Bars

D-MAX 2021+ 4×2 High Rider

Isuzu D-MAX 4x4 SX, LS-M, and LS-U models

SmartBar SpartanBar

Isuzu D-MAX SX, LS-U, LS-M models

Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain vehicles

These bull bars are designed and made in Australia and crafted for driving in rural environments. Drivers can use them as mounting bases for winches, driving lights, and antennas. ARB bull bars are made from alloy, steel, or polycarbonate. They can be polished, painted, or colour-coded. You can choose a colour that matches your D-MAX’s body for a fully integrated look.

All of these bull bars are ADR and airbag compatible, but not all of them can be installed with winches. They come with laser-cut holes for indicators, LED lights, and clearance lights. Thanks to their state-of-the-art design, ARB bull bars allow for maximum durability and airflow.


AFN 4x4 Accessories is a Portuguese manufacturer that makes bull bars for D-MAX vehicles. AFN bull bars offer a full bumper replacement, dual antenna tabs, and high-lift jack points. Unlike other brands, AFN produces lightweight bull bars, reducing your front axle weight and improving fuel economy.

AFN bull bars come with built-in recovery points that can support 350 kg each, which makes your 4x4 safer to drive in rural Australia. These bull bars come in a three-hoop and hoopless design. They can be installed with winches and are ADR and airbag compliant.

What makes AFN bull bars stand out from other brands because they sit more closely to D-MAX’s panel, offering a more streamlined appearance. Aside from improving the vehicle’s front-end look, these bars also increase the clearance angle and minimise front overhang.


Manufactured and tested in Australia, Dobinsons offers the 4X4 bull bars for Isuzu D-Max (2017+). Since they’re made from top-quality steel components, Dobinsons bull bars are available in three options:

  1. Classic Black Deluxe Bull Bars
  2. Classic Black Bull Bars
  3. Stainless Loop Deluxe Bull Bars

The Classic Black Bull Bars offer an excellent fit for the Isuzu D-MAX, but the Classic Black Deluxe Bull Bars allow drivers to mount driving lights. But if you’re looking for bull bars with stainless-steel hoops, the third option is for you.

All three of these models are reinforced with powder-coated steel. Their bulky design gives your D-MAX extra protection during off-roading adventures. The chassis can support the excess weight thanks to the separate winch cradle.

It’s also important to mention that Dobinsons bull bars are winch and airbag compatible. Drivers can also take advantage of their dual aerial mounts and high-lift jacking points. CNC robotic welds, polyurethane bumper protectors, and driving light mounts are other essential features these bars offer.

Dobinsons bull bars have a unique mounting system. When the winch is mounted, it’s separated from the bull bar, allowing an even load and better impact resistance. It also provides the radiator with maximum airflow.

Final Thoughts

A good bull bar for D-MAX vehicles should be able to absorb impact, prevent damage from airborne debris, and increase your engine’s lifespan. If you’re looking for the best bull bar for D-MAX, the Jungle 4x4 bull bar won’t disappoint you. These bull bars offer supreme protection and have a sleek, stylish look. Learn more about Jungle 4x4 Isuzu D-MAX bull bars for sale.