Do bullbars help in an accident?

Do bullbars help in an accident?


While some people buy bullbars for their looks, the main reason for most buyers is the protection they offer their vehicle. But do bullbars help in an accident? This article answers that question and several others regarding the bar's safety credentials.

Does a bull bar help in a crash?

Bullbars are most effective with the protection they give you from animal strikes. When a giant kangaroo hits your 4x4, the bullbar can be the difference between a severe hit- possibly being stranded- and having a decent chance of being able to drive away.

They also protect vehicles and their occupants from collisions with other cars and off-road debris.

All Jungle 4x4 bullbars are ADR-approved and fully airbag compatible.

Here are a few more of the most popular questions we get regarding the safety of bullbars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bull bar good for?

People buy bullbars mainly for their protection from animal strikes; however, some buy them purely for the look they give the front of their vehicle!

The bars offer the most protection to the front of the vehicle - including the car headlights, cooling system and engine bay.

Bullbars are also popular as a mounting point for other vehicle accessories- such as parking lights, aerials, and winches.

Do I really need a bullbar?

If your vehicle is driven off-road a lot, we recommend a bull bar as effective protection for your vehicle and its passengers.

Nudge bars are also a great option if you want a bullbar purely for its looks. 

Can you use a bull bar for recovery?

While you can use a bullbar for recovery, it is not recommended as the primary method of recovery. It can put excessive strain on the bullbar itself- potentially causing it to break or bend.

We recommend using a winch as the primary method, with the bull bar only as a backup.

What are the dangers of bull bars?

The main danger of having a bull bar fitted is the added risk they can cause pedestrians in the event of a collision. When bullbars are fitted to your vehicle, it is important to be aware of pedestrian safety and other road users. It is also recommended that any sharp edges be rounded off.

There is debate over the impact bull bars have on crumple zones and the secondary restraint system (i.e. the airbags) in the event of a collision with another vehicle. However, all Jungle bars come fully airbag compatible.

Do bullbars reduce fuel economy?

Yes, bull bars can impact fuel economy as the extra weight causes additional drag on the vehicle. However, this will vary depending on the size and weight of the particular bullbar.